What the transmission does and why it is important to maintain.

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In this article, Jiffy Lube in Northern California would like to explain what exactly the role of a transmission is, and why it is important to stay on top of its maintenance.

A transmission is what changes the gear of an engine, thereby transferring the engine’s power to the wheels with the purpose of moving the vehicle ahead.  For a vehicle with manual transmission, you’ll start in first gear, gain some speed, then shift to second gear and build some more speed etc.  With an automatic transmission, the same process is applied with the assistance of a ‘torque converter’, which automates this acceleration and gearing process.

The transmission plays a vital role for your vehicle.  While the description of what a transmission does is simple, it contains  hundreds of components working together to move your vehicle.  The transmission fluid inside enables cooling and lubrication, helping transmit force & pressure and also preventing build-up.  By changing the transmission fluid on a regular basis, the fluid stays clean and will keep the transmission running smoothly.  Old and/or dirty transmission fluid can lead to problems such as loss of acceleration, difficulties in gear shifting, and in worst-case scenarios total transmission failure.

As stated, it is important to properly maintain the transmission, and it is easy and worry free at  Northern California Jiffy Lube locations.  Most locations offer the following transmission services:

  • Automatic transmission drain and fill service
  • Automatic transmission filter replacement
  • Manual transmission service

Visit our website to find your closest Jiffy Lube oil change location and the services provided.   When you stop by for transmission service, take advantage of other services such as radiator maintenance, drive train service and an oil change with the right oil for your car.  Also keep in mind that we offer printable oil change coupons on our website.

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