Hybrid Oil Changes


Hybrid cars are a cross between gas-powered cars and electric cars and have become increasingly popular as a result of their excellent fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. In order to maintain efficiency, routine hybrid oil changes are essential!

Hybrid car engines have very unique lubrication requirements that call for a highly-engineered motor oil with very specific properties. Many hybrid vehicles are designed to turn off when the car stops at red lights and stop signs, creating very harsh stop-and-go operating conditions for the engine. These conditions can accelerate harmful deposits and add considerable stress to the engine; therefore, an oil change is routinely needed as recommended by hybrid car manufacturers.

Most hybrid car manufacturers today recommend premium synthetic motor oil with a viscosity grade of 0W-20. Always be sure to check your owner’s manual guide to see what type of oil and grade is recommended for your specific make and model of hybrid car. Putting in the wrong type or grade of oil could harm the engine and possibly void your vehicle’s warranty.

Thousands of hybrid car owners have trusted Jiffy Lube with their hybrid oil changes since they hit the road and will continue to do so for years to come.

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