Windshield Services

windshield services


Windshield repair seals minor chips and cracks in the windshield by injecting a polymer into the damaged area.

Our service includes:

    • removing debris from the area of impact
    • sealing the damaged area by injecting a polymer into the damaged area

In some locations, we may use a third party provider for this service by appointment at the location of customer’s choice.


Windshield wipers sweep strips of rubber across the windshield to remove snow, rain and dirt. Changing weather conditions, other environmental factors and age cause your windshield wipers to deteriorate over time.

Worn or damaged windshield wipers can pose a serious safety hazard. When windshield wipers wear, they crack and become brittle and can ultimately prove ineffective, leaving unwanted streak marks.

Our service includes:

  • visually inspecting the windshield wipers
  • removing the old windshield wipers and installing new, high quality windshield wipers

PLEASE NOTE: Not all Jiffy LubeĀ® service centers offer all Windshield Services. Please call ahead to ensure the services are available.